two big life events

Opps, so much for blogging regularly haha.

I only ever seem to find time to blog when there is a public holiday or I’m on an extended break… not good.

After having a quick skim through Fat Mum Slim’s blog post on blogging I recall the simple truth that if you want to do anything, you’ve got to schedule it in.  And not get distracted by shiny things (that’s my own observation – there are too many good blogs/resources out there).

Hoping to get back into a blogging rhythm in the next week or so but in the meantime, here are the two big life events that have happened since I’ve last blogged here:

1. Law Admission Ceremony


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new apps in the new year

One thing I’ve loved about switching back to the iPhone has been the plethora of apps :).

The ones I’ve used the most in the last few months have got to be:

  • Instagram (Free) – I think I’m addicted.
  • Whatsapp (Free) – Great way to communicate with interstate/international friends.
  • PicFrame ($0.99) – best 99 cents spent.
  • VSCOCam (Free) – this was one of the first ones I downloaded after switching back; finally understand what #vscocam was!
  • Landcam ($0.99) – love the fonts you can add to your photos!
  • iBooks (Free) – DOWNLOADED. TOO. MANY. BOOKS.

I came across a few other good ones just in the last few days:

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photo 1-2

Healthy Start – Granola Mix

More than 6 months ago, I bought Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals Cookbook and despite the fact that the meals should only take 15 minutes to prepare, they are Jamie Oliver (JO) minutes and at the moment, Amy minutes = 10 x JO minutes or there abouts haha.

Anyhow, enter annual leave and it doesn’t matter how long a task takes so I thought I’d give his homemade granola a go after falling in love with the granola at Henry and the Fox (go try it – divine!).

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Goodbye 2013… Hello 2014!


2013 was a massive year for a lot of people I know – there were a lot of engagements, a few marriages, new jobs, a few new bubs that came along, travel exchanges…

For me, 2013 was a year of transition and change.  Stepping away from the life rhythms of a student into the realities of working life was a lot more challenging than I anticipated and I probably had a bit too much on my plate than my introverted self could comfortably handle.

However, having had a chance to really sit back and reflect on the past 365 days, even with its ups and downs, it has been pretty awesome.  Made lots of new friends and had a whole host of new experiences.  Here are a few of my favourite moments (CLICK BELOW; as posted on Instagram):

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 4.42.42 pm

 The top two personal highlights have probably got to be securing a permanent position for 2014 at my current workplace and being a part of the “Floodgates” music project with my recording-artist-friend, Dale Hembrow (EP to be released early 2014!!).


Now with the start of a new year, I’ve been thinking about what resolutions to make.  I’m pretty big on setting goals because at the very least, even if you don’t achieve them all, it gives you a direction and a target to work towards.

Here’s a few good suggestions I’ve found over the inter webs:

I’ve also found Zig Ziglar’s Wheel of Life  useful in working out what to things to focus on in 2014:

ziglar's wheel of life

Balanced Life = Successful Life

Looking back, I think the goals I set for 2013 were a bit unrealistic because I didn’t really factor in how much full-time work would impact the lifestyle I’d previously been accustomed to.

So now with a little bit of life experience and a better understanding of what time I actually do have, here’s what I’ve come up with: Continue reading

Challenging and rewarding

So who else thought September was a busy month??

Somehow once you pass July, the days just excelerate and we find ourselves already counting down the days to Christmas (75 days as of today) and then it will be New Years soon after and in February 2014 (if there are no hiccups), guess who will be admitted as a lawyer in Victoria?? ;)

I know it’s a bit premature to be saying this given that there are still 3 months to go, but I think 2013 has been both the most challenging and most rewarding year I’ve had so far.

There’s nothing quite like saying good bye to exams for good (at least for the next little while) and starting a new chapter of life. My body has adjusted to the 9-5:30 rhythm but getting the right balance of work/rest/play is something that has to be evaluated on a regular basis.

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much to do about nothing

As much as I love to be productive and make the most of the
weekends, sometimes all you need is a selah
[pause/break] type afternoon.  One where you just rest the body, rest the mind, rest the spirit. That’s what I had this afternoon and boy, I needed it. It has been busy, busy, busy.  

And perhaps it has been self-imposed - which has meant that sometimes, I just need to self-impose some time to chill.  To just break away from the constant doing and just do nothing.  Learning to just leave some things for tomorrow has been a tough lesson to learn. And learning to just do things you love as well sans the guilt for all the things you are leaving for tomorrow is another lesson I’m still learning. Anyhow, though there are a few more ‘serious’ topics I’ve been meaning to write about, those can be left for ‘tomorrow’.

Tonight, I wanted to share a cafe I found by accident on another
day where my body decided enough was enough and it was time to
declare a R&R day… BUT, technology fails me at the moment. All the photos taken at this quaint cafe were captured on my old phone, the cable of which I have left at work. Hmm. Perhaps this will have to be left to tomorrow too haha.

This has been a pointless post from an Ames who needs to go and do

♥ Ames


Hi all! It has been a while hasn’t it? I had left my blog for so long that when I tried to log in, there were issues with one of the plug-ins that completely drove me up the wall!  Thanks for shedding some light Libby after my cry for help on Facebook haha. Anyway, I’m sure whatever readership I have left has had enough of my apologies and excuses so I’ll just skip all that and instead give you an update of where things are since I last blogged here…

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Fast, Fresh, Simple: Apple & Blueberry Cake

Long weekends are such a blessing.  No need to rush around.   Time to share with friends and time to bake :).

I was planning to bake a cake to bring to a gathering with the old high school crew but by the time I had it in the oven, it was already time to go :(.  No huge issues though when you have some Honey Joys ready to go haha ;).

Anyhow, I left some instructions for my dear mother and when I returned home, the cake had come out beautifully :). Great team effort!


Apple & Blueberry Cake

adapted from Donna Hay’s Fast, Fresh, Simple 

(underlined parts are the changes – not many really)

Serve 8-10


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new project

Hey blog-o-sphere!  It has been a while hasn’t it?? Despite my best of intentions and my promise at the end of the last blog post, I just couldn’t get up the motivation to blog, even though there is potentially lots to write about!

However, instead of spending half this blog post apologising for my absence, I’d like to introduce you to a new project that I’m working on called the ”Three 4 Three”  Challenge!


And instead of going into what “Three 4 Three” is, I’d encourage you to click-through to the Facebook event and the website.  Hope that you can join in the fun and fundraising or support the dream! :D

Now that I do have the challenge all up and going, hopefully it means more time to blog over in this space.  I’d often come here to blog but then feel that perhaps I probably should be working on the project rather than blogging here… but no promises! We’ll see how things pan out :).  Hope those in Melbourne and other states (except WA!) have a great long weekend ;).

I’m so looking forward to a sleep in and some cooking/baking/reading/relaxing!

♥ Ames

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